business-changeOpened in January, 2012 and based on more than 25 years experience in business and industry, Anne Marie Crowley can:

Design, deliver and evaluate training and development to deliver excellent results for managers, teams, individuals and businesses

Current talks, workshops and initiatives tailored to client requirements:

            Time and Energy Management                                                                                               Career Change and Transition             

                             Building Resilience for work and life

Growing Emotional Intelligence

                            Customer Experience and Customer Journey Mapping
    Coaching Skills for Managers
                                     Team Building and Self-awareness
Personal and Team Branding  
                     Management Skills                                                                                                                     Leadership Development
                                                  Performance Management for Managers                                                                           Conflict Resolution
                                                                          Influencing and Communication

new – Emotional Intelligence (for leadership, for teams and for individuals) using EQi.20 assessments at indiviudal, leadership and 360 Degree levels                           new –  Preparing Interns and Graduates for their life and career after college
new – What can be learned from nuroscience in understanding motivation at work

See what clients have to say about their experiences on this web site.


Project manage Human Resources, Training and Development projects

Current HR projects include:

Interviewing panel and assessment for recruitment and selection

On-site coaching with managers, teams and individuals for performance improvement and team excellence (the coaching triangle)

Onboarding and new employee induction policy, procedure and training

Salary and Benefits surveying for senior executives 

Evaluation of training and development programmes using Appreciative Inquiry

Needs anaysis for focused training and development that delivers results

See what clients have to say about their experiences on this web site.

 “Anne Marie is very good at asking what the person wants to achieve and helps to tailor a course that will help that person reach their goal. Very enthusiastic in presenting the course at also does not waste time by giving content that is not relevant. Style is very interactive and is not just listening to someone telling you what you should do, but she helps/points/suggests areas/techniques that can help you achieve your goals. Makes it clear no magic wand you can take on board her information but at end of the day it’s up to you if you want to improve”. 

Eli Lilly, Kinsale and Lilly GBS, Little Island, Co. Cork – read more on Anne Marie’s work with Eli Lilly on this web site.

HR Projects are always tailored to the specific needs of the organisation and evaluated for direct business impacts in conjunction with internal management to achieve results that add value at all levels.  Anne Marie is in the unique position of having more than 25 years experience of working in both SME and multi-national organisations, see client feedback on this web site.

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