Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

I work with everyone and believe, fully and sincerely in their worth, brilliance and potential. I embrace the joy of difference and welcome it fully: be that race, colour, ancestry, religion, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, lifestyle, marital status, disability, intelligence, skill, talent, criminal history, profession, opinion, education…  I am committed to building and developing a diverse, equitable and inclusive coaching and training practice. To support me I draw on informal coaching supervision whenever I feel the need for a ‘mirror’ and I regularly push myself out of my comfort zone to challenge my perspectives. I try my very best to always put the client, and their needs front and centre of the coaching partnership and in the training ‘classroom’.  I am totally committed to the welfare of the client and come to every coaching/training session fully prepared and deeply committed to the client’s needs.  Should I not be the right coach or trainer/facilitator for the client I am fully committed to supporting them to find another coach/trainer or other solution, to meet their needs better than I. The client, in all their diversity, comes first.

To help ensure the coaching and training partnership stays on track and aligned to this guarantee, all clients may be asked to sign a Coaching Agreement which adheres to the EMCC Global Code of Ethics. Anne Marie Crowley is a Member of EMCC and participants in continuous professional development while adhering to the Council’s Code of Ethics.