As a highly experienced  Coach and Trainer, a Mentor with the Cork Enterprise Board for the Student Enterprise Programme, and holding membership of the Teaching Council of Ireland, I am working with students and graduates, at both Second and Third Level to:

Develop and Publish a winning CV/Resumé that will get them noticed and secure an Interview (for that co-op/internship or for that first summer job during Transition Year or first job upon graduation)

Hone and Publish a LinkedIN Profile – normally for graduates, but there is nothing stopping entrepreneurial students telling the world who they are and developing a network world-wide

Prepare for that Interview to ensure that they are at their best when interviewed for any work placement or job role, including face-to-face, virtual and by telephone

Develop strengths and personal effectiveness, be that confidence, public speaking, networking, communication, emotional intelligence, whatever is necessary to support them in growing and developing their strengths

Prepare for the world of work, no matter what the job role, even part-time during school years, there are so many tips and strategies that if we only knew them we could be even more successful at work, learn them early and glean the benefits

Identify the right life path, so many students have no idea what they want to do after school or college.  Working with a Career LIfe Coach can help them, through focused thinking and exploration, explore the options and come up with a plan that works for them into the future. This is very supportive of the work they are doing with Career Departments in school and college

Conduct in-house training workshops, to support interns and graduates working in organisations to maximise the benefits they can glean from their work experience and prepare them for their new job roles

Make contact with Anne Marie and move your life forward, no matter what your age.