Live your Life on Purpose

Ever thought to yourself that you are drifting through life from day to day and year to year? This is very normal, most people do, and then they wake up one morning and find that their lives are unfulfilled or some event occurs that makes them focus on how they are spending their valuable time and whether this is really want they want from their precious life.  Life Planning can be very supportive to anyone who wants to ‘take stock’ of their life to live it on purpose.  To truly discover what we want from our lives, to connect with something deeper within us: the possibilities that are there for us to be the person we always wanted to be and to live our lives with that purpose in mind.

With the support of a Coach (or indeed trusted friend, relative or colleague), we can develop a Life Plan that delivers the happiness and fulfillment we always wanted: in it we discover what we truly want from life and how to live this daily, weekly, yearly.  When working with Anne Marie as a Coach on a life plan, the 6 areas that are delved into include:

Step One

Finding your Values

Step Two

Discovering where you are spending your time and whether this is what you really want from your life

Step Three

Discovering what makes you truly happy and fulfilled

Step Four

Discovering what you always wanted to do with your life, since you were a child

Step Five

Bringing all the themes together into a Life Plan

Step Six

Developing action plans that deliver on your Life Plan and beyond

I would love to work with you on developing your Life Plan, this can bring such contentment in life, including work as well as play.  If you are interested then make contact on: crowleyannem@gmail.com or via my contact page here.