Make contact for wonderful options to plan for when you leave work behind!

If you want to ensure that you and your partner have the most fulfilling life when you leave full-time work behind, make contact for enjoyable, informative and eye-opening public and private courses on planning for retirement.  Ideally, think about planning for this next stage of your life at least 2 years before you are due to retire, you will not regret it. According to recent research on life expectancy our post-working lives can be as long as 20 years or even a lot longer depending on when we retire, how we live during retirement and our state of health.  That’s a long time and it’s worth thinking about how you will spend it, how you will finance it and what you need to put in place to ensure it is exciting, fulfilling and as wonderful as life can be!  Any queries or just to explore the options, contact Anne Marie or the Retirement Planning Council of Ireland directly.