The Book of Beautiful Questions, Warren Berger

This book and the website, will change your life: a wonderful resource for anyone who wants to move forward and achieve personal change in their lives (and yes, even at work)Book of beautiful Qs

Niall Williams, Author

I love Niall Williams’ writing especially his novels ‘The 4 Letters of Love’, ‘Boy and Man’ and ‘Boy in the World’.  In a recent interview he gave with the Sunday Times newspaper (25th August, 2019) he said some very inspiring and uplifiting words:

‘I’m not looking for fame or fortune or any of that.  I just want to keep on writing, in this house; live peacefully in a beautiful place. That’s my end goal.  If a book sells enough that you do that and carry on, then great. Anything that comes in after that is dropped in like a sunny day’

Just lovely – ‘dropped in like a sunny day’!

How to use all of your brain to live the life you always wanted…

‘The Source’ by Dr. Tara Swart

Get this book, it is an eye-opener and even though it is written by a Scientist/ Doctor/ Coach, it is very easy to read and understand.  It has a lot of added advantages in that it brings the science of the brain and body together with many practical strategies to use in everyday life.  As someone who coaches and trains people to maximise their potential, this book is a little gem for me and my clients; and oh yes, I am also using it to help me in my personal life, a real winner

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The Art of Taking Action: lessons from Japanese Psychology

A highly accessible book to help everyone get from procrastination to action.  Our thoughts, ideas and intentions are really not much good without action – in fact, we may as well not have them at all!  If you want to make changes in your life, no matter what area, this is the book for you.  I recommend it all the time to my clients in coaching and training, they all love it and recommend it on to their family, friends, customers and colleagues.

art of taking action

Raise Me Up (by breaking 12 habits)

How Women Rise: Break the 12 Habits Holding You Back from Your Next Raise, Promotion, or Job by Helgesen and Goldsmith

As I continue to work with women on supporting their rise within leadership, I find this resource excellent for explaining clearly, engagingly and simply, what women can do to realise their potential at work and what men can do to support them. It’s truly excellent, a great read and you know, it also helps if you have girls to raise as most of what is holding women back right now stems from their childhood and how we raise females in the Western world.  Brilliant read, easy, quick and so practical.

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THE LITTLE BOOK OF SOUND (nothing to do with sounds that we hear, read on…)

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Sound advice to help us cope with everytday life, turning negative thinking into positives, written in a particularly Irishy sort of way, but you’ll get it no matter what nationality you are.  It’s a small neat little book that fits nicely in your pocket, lap top case, bag!  Lovely.

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Oprah, she inspires me, and always has done.  I relate to her vision, her questioning, her intention to bring the positive energy of goodness to the whole world.  In this amazing interview with Jeff Weiner, Oprah shares with us how we can live our lives on purpose by discovering what we truly want and funnelling  our energy towards that for ourselves and for others.

If you want this for yourself, consider Life Planning or Career Coaching, and start living your life on purpose.  For a confidential discussion contact Anne Marie today.


the Pope

Pope Francis truly inspires, whether you believe in God or not, he is a humble, positive force in the world, for good and for real.  Discover for yourself what he thinks here in this inspirational Ted Talk.   The Pope makes us think about our role in the universe, how caring for each other and our planet are essential to our own well being and will move us forward as people, both individually and interconnectedly accross the globe.  Find out what your own values and beliefs are, how you are connected to the world and what you can do to make that connection real: you can do this with a Coach.  Contact Anne Marie today for a confidential discussion on how to discover your own values and to live your personal brand.